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Our Mission here at Aquarian Odyssey is to provide you with access to Natural Health information and proven Natural Health products that will assist you in your journey to living a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Natural Healthy Life

We feel that living in this Age Of Aquarius, it is time for us to wake up and realise that we have been getting further and further away from living natural, healthy lives, as nature intended. During the past 100 years or so, we have been brainwashed by huge Corporations and Pharmaceutical companies, to believe that natural herbal medicines and plants are not suitable for curing all the diseases brought on by modern life.

We have become so dependent on prescription medication, which doctors unfortunately have to prescribe, as they are trained to only use prescription medication for their patients ailments, and not natural remedies. Most people also wait until they are not feeling well, and then expect the doctors to cure their ailments immediately, instead of learning how to look after their own health, and prevent getting ill in the first place. The truth is that Pharmaceutical companies thrive on people being sick, and becoming more and more dependent on these drugs. The problem is that prescription drugs normally have some side effects, that can in the long term cause even more problems for your health, which then require more medication, and the cycle continues!

I have personally always believed that the natural way is best. After all, during all the ages, before the Pharmaceutical Giants appeared, people used all the plants and herb that were available, to treat and cure any ailment. I grew up living a naturally healthy lifestyle, eating fresh vegetables from the garden, and getting plenty of exercise outdoors. My mother treated us for most illness with natural remedies, and I have carried on doing that with my kids and my own health.

Even the doctors and healers of the past believed in these natural remedies. Why have we moved away from that? Through clever manipulation by corporations who make millions from prescribed medication, and they have the money to advertise and make everyone believe that they have the answer to all your health problems. They have also suppressed natural medicines with all kind of rules and regulations, to make it nearly impossible for them to survive.

The fact is, that Natural Remedies, when used in the correct way, can help to alleviate everyday ailment, and may even have preventative properties for more serious disease. Only through research and education can we rediscover the magical qualities of plants and herbs, and learn how to use them to our benefit.

We also need to learn how to prevent disease by making sure that we adhere to  healthy eating habits, as nutrient deficiency plays a very important role in the development of disease such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and many other modern day ailments. By making sure that we get adequate amounts of essential nutrients daily, we can prevent, and to a certain extend reverse the damage already done, by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We hope to inspire you to start taking your, and your family’s health, into your own hands, and start living a more healthy, happy life, free from disease and stress. During the past few years, we have discovered some really wonderful Natural Health Products for every ailment, and the ones we share here with you, are all from the best suppliers, who only produce top quality products.

There are instances where you need medical advice from your doctor when you are sick, and we recommend that you get professional advice when needed. There are more and more medical professionals who recognise the benefits of natural remedies, so try to find one near you to work with in providing the correct treatment.

Information and statements made are for education purpose only, and are not intended to replace the advice of your treating medical professional. The views and nutrition advice expressed by Aquarian Odyssey are not intended as a substitute for conventional medical service.

We would love to hear from you if we can offer any advice or assistance. If you have any comments, please leave them below.


  1. Wow these look pretty good. And I love the idea of making popsicles out of the smoothies too. Great idea for kids and I have a three and an eight year old. Great way for them to get in their fruits and veggies as well as them to get excited over “making” something from scratch.

  2. Interesting post. Even though medical treatment is sometimes necessary, I agree that we as a society are heavily over medicated. It’s especially a problem when minor complaints like colds are treated with prescription medication. This can not only disrupt the natural balance of the individual, but also lead to wider issues like antibiotic resistance. Naturally remedies are certainly worth considering in such cases.

    • Hi Bailey, thanks for the comment. Yes, medical treatment is necessary in a lot of cases, but I think that we should try and treat ourselves with natural medicine when possible, as it is much more beneficial to our systems.

  3. As an Aquarius I was immediately drawn to this. I hear what you’re saying. We have been living for centuries with natural remedies and ingredients. I will definitely check out the rest of this site to see how it can help me a my family.

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