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Welcome to our site where you can learn how to take care of your health Naturally.


Mariette Chapman 

I have always lived a relatively healthy life. Growing up my father always had a beautiful vegetable garden, where he grew mostly organic vegetables, so we always had that as part of our daily meals. My mother nursed us herself most of the time with natural medicines, and only took us to the doctor when it was really necessary.

I also had a very active childhood, growing up in the most beautiful part of the country, where we could run around the mountains and swim in the sea every day. I also took part in school sports, so kept very fit and active all the time. I never had a problem being overweight as my lifestyle took care of that.

It was only once I started working, and having to sit in an office or motorcar most of the day, that I put on weight, and it was a constant battle to keep the weight down. My blood pressure started creeping up, so eventually I had to go on blood pressure medication, but gratefully, at the age of 64, that is the only prescription medication that I am on. I am working on getting that sorted out though!

I studied Beauty Therapy, and worked as a Pharmaceutical rep at one stage for a Nutritional company, where I learned about natural medicine and vitamins. I also had a very inspirational teacher, Dr Willem Serfontein, who was very passionate about Nutrition. He was  one of the directors of the company I worked for. Before that Dr Serfontein was the emeritus professor of chemical pathology at the University of Pretoria, where his main focus was the study of cancer, coronary heart disease and the healing power of nutrition. He wrote several books, of which New Nutrition, is the one that I use for a guideline, and I can highly recommend to anyone who want to study the benefits of nutrition and vitamins in the prevention of disease. He also wrote Cancer Diagnosed, What Now?, Heart Attack, What now? and Slimming, The Program That Works.

I hardly ever go to a doctor when I start getting a cold or flu, as I believe in taking care of that myself, and normally recover very quickly. As far as I am concerned Natural Medicines are much better than prescription medicines and drugs, which mostly always have some side effect. The human body is such a complex system, that if you start bombarding it with unnatural substances, it throws it out of balance. I just believe that natural medicines when used correctly, is a much better and safer solution for our health.



I see so many of my friends and people around me, that really suffer from various diseases, and the more they use prescription medications, the worse their overall health becomes. Using one prescription medication normally leads to something else going wrong in their body, so they need to take another medication. Some of my friends have to take handfuls of pills every day, and it just gives me the cold shivers!

I really would like to inform people and help them in their journey to become healthy and prescription drugs free. We have been so brainwashed and influenced by the media and marketing of  Pharmaceutical Corporations, to believe that it is up to them to keep us healthy, where in reality, they are mostly there to make money.

The fact is, that if we are educated about the choices we can make when it comes to looking after our own health, we are able to live the normal, healthy natural lives we are meant to.

There are off course situations in which we really do need medical advice and treatment, and I do recommend that you make use of a medical practitioner when needed.



My goal with this site if to bring my readers all the relevant news, information and products that will help them to live better, more natural and healthier lives. I also want to share ideas and information about eco-friendly living and natural resources, as I believe that it all works in synergy to create the ideal environment for a healthy lifestyle.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Alisson Lynch

I completed my Masters  in Genetics in 2000 and have been fortunate enough to work in my field in the U.K, Germany, and Cape Town (UCT). It was during my stay in Germany that I became interested in nutritional health. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer which drove my interest into searching for ‘what causes cancer?’.  This together with the abundance of natural products and food in Germany, began my career in the field of nutritional health. I gained my diploma in nutrition and practical training whilst living in Germany. We have recently returned from living in Angola and this taught me the art of growing one’s own natural fruit and vegetables (a slow work in progress, but definitely worth pursuing). Having two small kids is a major incentive in  keeping children healthy naturally. I am currently exploring homeopathy and nutrigenomics (studying how food and a person’s genes interact) which I believe has major potential in preventing and treating many common diseases.


The information contained in this website should not be construed as medical advice. If you are ill, you should consult your health professional.

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I am a Entrepreneur, who loves taking on new challenges, and create something meaningful for myself, and through that also be of benefit to other people. I have worked in many varied fields, but have always felt myself drawn to the natural world and nature, and living life as naturally as possible. I am building my own websites, where I hope to help and inform people to make better choices when it comes to their health and lifestyle.

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