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When we want to consider natural health treatment, and the role of nutrition in health, we have to be aware of the factors that contribute to ill health, and the role that vitamins and minerals play in providing our bodies with the necessary ingredients to keep our bodies in optimal health.

Optimal Health

Our body is made up of living cells, and when these cells are provided with a completely supportive environments, living cells will respond with maximum health and vigor. This “environment” means water, oxygen, temperature and appropriate quantities of complete nutrients (about 50) that is required for cell life.

There are many contributing factors to optimal health, and vitamin and mineral are but one of the essential ingredients we need to live a healthy life, but it is essential!

We will look at the other factors that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle in further articles, but I believe that this is the building blocks where one should start when you want to live a long and healthy life, free from disease.

I will also touch on specific health issues that can be corrected by the implementation of a vitamin and mineral strategy, for instance heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer and various other known health problems.

I believe that even certain mental health problems can be resolved or alleviated by the proper administration of certain minerals, which are based on clinical trials that have been done.


Are There Enough Vitamins And Minerals In The Food We Eat?

  • One can appreciate the fact that in the time we live in, that optimal level is not easily achieved, as there are so many factors that affect the level of nutrients available in the food sources we consume. It depends on the fertility of the soil, which has a direct effect on the nutritional value of the plant. Therefore, as nutritional conditions deteriorate, a stage will be reached where growth and performance of the cell become so poor that the cells, and therefore the organism, become”ill”.
  • We should normally get enough nutrients from plants and meat that has been gown correctly, but the value deteriorates if the food is no longer fresh, as the nutrients gets lost. Food also loses nutrients by food refinement, such as white flour used for bread and cakes, sugar, sweets, chocolates and most breakfast cereals are examples of nutritionally inadequate food artifacts.
  • Even Whole foods could be nutritionally inadequate, as it is also affected by heat, so vitamins are lost by cooking or sterilization. For example the process that whole wheat goes through, being harvested, cleansed, milled, refined, packed, transported, stored, and finally cooked, can result that from 60% to 90% of respective vitamins are lost.
  • Minerals, in contrast to Vitamins, are not made by plants nor are they easily lost during food processing mentioned above. We obtain our minerals from plants, which in turn derives their minerals from the soil in which they grow. All the minerals required by humans, aren’t necessarily needed by plants to grow, for instance selenium and chromium. Therefore, even if plants grow vigorously in soil that is poor in these minerals, it will cause deficiencies in the people who consume these plants.
  • In the case of home-grown, organically fertilized vegetables, this problem does not arise because all the minerals are replaced.

Fresh Organic Fruit

How Do We Know If We Have A Vitamin Deficiency?

  • The problem is that we don’t realize that we have a deficiency of any Vitamin or Mineral, until we reach the stage where our health is affected by it.
  • Our bodies go through stages of vitamin deficiency that we are not even aware of until it reaches the critical point. Firstly it is lowering of body vitamin content, then lowering of metabolite concentrations. After that comes the lowering of activity of vitamin-dependent enzymes or hormones.
  • Then we will see early signs of metabolic disturbance, followed by severe metabolic disturbances. That is followed by early signs of morphological changes, which turns into severe morphological changes and eventually irreversible morphological changes.
  • After that happens, we will see early signs of functional disturbances, followed by severe, and later irreversible functional disturbances.
  • First, vitamin tissue and blood levels decline, followed by lowered enzyme and metabolic levels. If this persists, then eventually it could lead to generative diseases.

Does Supplements Help?

  • Although the official policy of many health authorities and professional bodies is that vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessary if a “balanced diet” if followed, it is still a fact that 100 million Americans regularly take supplements. Over the past few years, the amounts spent on supplements has rapidly increased.
  • It is interesting to note that despite the American Dietetic Association also subscribing to the above policy, a survey concluded that 60% of these professionals, which included dietitians and nutritionists, were themselves taking regular supplements.
  • It can be concluded that the high and spontaneous public consumption of supplements indicate that there are distinct benefits from taking such supplements.

I hope that you have gained some insight and benefit from this article.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then try and make a few changes to your diet, eat as much organically grown fruit and vegetables as possible, and get some excersize, preferably outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and breath deeply! Also, if you are a smoker, then you should really make an effort to stop now! Smoking is still one of the major causes of cancer.

We have to take responsibility for our own health, and stop leaving it for the doctors to fix once it is too late. Living a healthy lifestyle from an early age can only benefit us in the long run. That is why it is important that we should look at ways to instill healthy eating habits in our children, as that is the most important stage of life, where the foundation is laid for their future health. It is off course, never too late to start, and even if you are in your golden years, and have health problems, you can still benefit from making a change right now.

There are many excellent books available about Nutrition and Vitamins, so start reading up on what vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal health. I can recommend the one below:

Please look out for my next article, where you will discover some amazing facts about Mental Health issues. We will be studying cases from minor mental disturbances, anorexia and schizophrenia, and how diet affects it.





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  1. Wow, this really taught me a lot. I’m definitely going to have to start eating better. I strive to exercise but lack the energy because I’m not eating the right foods. I’m gonna start doing research on healthier options and such.

  2. You are so right that we need to take control of our own health and save doctors as a last resort. I believe in natural remedies and things like this. Great information!

  3. You raised the question Is there enough vitamins in the food we eat? That’s a very good question. We do not get enough vitamins in the food we eat, especially in process foods. Processed foods are some of the most nutritionally dificient foods on the planet.

    I take a liquid multi-vitamin every day. I have to to make sure I’m getting the proper nutrition on a daily basis.

    Great article!

  4. I love your post, full of detailed information. I didn’t realize that minerals are not affected by heat, unlike vitamins. That’s an ah-ha moment for me! And thanks for the reminders about supplementing, I think I should look into doing more of that.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the information. I find it useful!

    Just wondering – as you said the vitamins can be easily lost during the cooking or packaging process, how do you ensure that our ‘balanced diet’ contains everything we need? When is it we need to consider taking supplements?

    • Hi Crystal,
      It is really difficult to get all the nutrients we need from our food nowadays, so it is advisable to take a good Vitamin and Mineral supplement daily. Even if you follow a healthy diet, there are still some vitamins and minerals that could be lacking. It is very important to have all the nutrients one needs for your body and mind to function correctly, so better to take a good slow release supplement.

  6. Thanks for a great article! “You are what you eat”. I look forward to more, quality of life depends in part on the right food choices. 💛

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