Natural Homes

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Living in the Aquarian Age, we feel that this is the time when we should start living more consciously, and reclaim the freedom that we have to make the right choices.

If we look around us, and see all the damage that the people on this earth has caused to the environment and nature, by not thinking of the consequence of their decisions, we realize that this is the only chance we have to make a difference.

Natural homes

If we all carry on abusing our natural resources, polluting the earth, and destroying the natural habitat of our wildlife, then our children will have no future. Only by changing our way of living, can we make a difference.

One of the easiest and best ways in which we can do this, is to make a conscious decision when we purchase anything for our home or personal use. By buying Eco-friendly products, and saving on disposable items by recycling, each one of us can make a huge difference.

We would like to share all the best ways we find to do this. By sharing products we find that is Eco-friendly, tips on how to save energy and making your home greener, and information on living a healthier, more natural life, we hope to help you achieve this.

Join us in our journey to make this Earth a Better Place

Natural Living

Steps To Living A More Eco-Friendly Life


At this moment, the earth is drowning in pollution. If you just look at the tons of plastic bags, straws and other discarded items that is busy choking our oceans, and our living environment, then you realize just how out of hand the situation has become. If we don’t all make a concerted effort to start reducing the amount of items we discard, and start recycling, our children are going to have to live with the consequence one day.

There are so many ways in which we can re-use discarded items like glass bottles, plastic containers and paper. Making items like chandeliers, candle holders and even wine and drinking glasses from old wine and beer bottles are a great way in which you can save. There are lots of wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Take a look there to find ingenious ways to recycle. Recycled plastic bags are absolutely great!

If you get into the habit of using your own eco-friendly cotton shopping bags instead of the plastic bags you get at the grocery shops, it will make a big difference.

Most cities also have a recycling program, so find out about that in the area where you live, and dispose of your other recycle items with them.

Solar energy

Save Energy

We have become so used to just switching on lights and other energy using items, that are really wasting considerable amounts of energy. There are many ways in which we can cut down on our energy bill, which will save you money, and is also much more Eco-friendly.

Using Solar energy is one of the most amazing ways in which you can make a huge impact on making your home greener. There are so many Solar Energy Products on the market, which you can use to replace every items like outdoor lights, phone chargers and electric water heating appliances. There are so many products available at the moment which you can use to save on your energy bill, so do some research, and choose the ones which suit your budget and home. It is a source of free energy once installed, and will save you money in the long run.

Save Water

We don’t often think on the impact that water has on our way of life, unless we live in an area which is very dry naturally, or you have experienced a drought, and you suddenly had to start using water sparingly. It has become so easy just to turn open a tap, and let the water run free.

Having recently gone through a water crisis in the area I live, which normally has enough winter rain to supply in all our needs, we went through a drought, that severely impacted the water supply. Not only was not enough being done to provide additional resources for the growing population, the sudden drop in rainfall created a huge crisis. Severe water restrictions were implemented, together with a huge escalation in prices, so we were forced to cut water usage to a minimum. It was very difficult to get used to at first, but once you acquire the habit of using water sparingly, you realize just how much water we waste unnecessarily.

Simple things like not leaving the shower to run while you are soaping yourself, but rather switching it off, and then on again when you rinse off, can have a big impact. Also, using your bath water for the toilet, and to water the garden saves a good amount of water.

The reality is that unless we learn ways of harnessing rainwater more effectively, and using water sparingly, the whole world is going to be in a crisis in a few years time. The population explosion is just to rapid for the natural supplies of water to keep up with the demand.


We will be sharing all the useful information that we gather, to help you make informed choices when building your new home, or changing your existing home into a more ecologically sound and eco-friendly space.

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